Chichester Country Store (NH)

Article by Stavros

When was the last time that you went to your local country store? I bet thinking back to it you remember the warmth that you felt the minute your hands pushed opened that old and creaky wooden door. After spending the night at a Getaway in Epsom, New Hampshire we were looking for the best local spot to grab a quick breakfast before continuing on our day full of adventures. After a quick internet search we decided on the Chichester Country Store which was only a 10 minute drive from our tiny home.

As soon as we arrived, we quickly realized this place was exactly what we were hoping to find. The wooden siding, old-time Coca-Cola sign, and all of the vintage wooden decorations on the front porch made it clear we were in the right place for a good breakfast.

As we pushed through the creaky screen door we were immediately welcomed by the warm smell of freshly made donuts, hot coffee and cinnamon apple cider. To the right is a breakfast bar with four diner-style spinning stools and a few shelves with handmade goods for sale. Directly in front of the entrance stands the eye-catching glass case with all of the delicious and home-made cider donuts. Each donut is handmade and is carted out of the nearby kitchen and waits in the case to be chosen by a lucky hungry customer and enjoyed with a hot beverage.

Next to the display case are shelves filled with an assortment of maple syrups available for purchase and that come from syrup farms in New Hampshire. Below the shelves stands a cooler that offers morning beverages like juices and bottles of milk from dairy farms in neighboring New England states. Directly across from the donut display case is a cabinet with a variety of coffee of different flavors and available hot water for tea.

Assorted half dozen apple cider donuts, with chocolate milk from a Maine dairy farm, and home-made apple cider.
The hearth warmed our bodies as the donuts and cider warmed our bellies.

Our meal of choice included a half dozen of assorted apple cider donuts, an Oakhurst chocolate milk (from Maine), and hot apple cider from behind the counter. All of their donuts have an apple cider batter and then finished with your typical toppings. We enjoyed a glazed, chocolate frosted, cinnamon sugar, sugar, chocolate cake with sugar, and a holiday special with maple syrup icing and holiday sprinkles. I cannot say emphasize this enough when I say it, the glazed donut was by far my favorite glazed donut I’ve ever eaten in my life. Yes, it was that good that I can confidently state that donut alone was worth our drive to the Chichester Country Store. What made the experience all the better was that we sat right next to the burning hearth which completed the country store feeling.

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