Places to Eat

The Barley House (NH)

As a recommendation from our friends, Bill and Joyce from the Valley Artisans Handcrafted Gifts, we decided to make a drive from Epsom to Concord for some great food. Continue Reading

Chichester Country Store (NH)

When was the last time that you went to your local country store? I bet thinking back to it you remember the warmth that you felt the minute your hands pushed opened that old and creaky wooden door. Continue Reading

Local Burger (MA)

Whether you order a speciality burger named after a western Massachusetts town or create your own, stopping at Local Burger is a must when passing through Northampton. Situated on the corner of Main Street in the small vibrant town that is the home to Smith College, Local Burger lives by the motto, “It’s not just delicious, it’s local.” Continue Reading

Donut Dip (MA)

As you drive north along I-91 and pass through West Springfield, Massachusetts you will notice a red sign with white lettering that reads Donut Dip. To the unassuming eye the sign might not grab your attention for more than a moment but for locals and travelers in the know seeing that sign means its time to pull over. Continue Reading

Savoy Pizzeria & Craft Bar (CT)

For years I have walked the streets of downtown West Hartford, Connecticut looked towards Savoy Pizzeria & Craft Bar and said, ‘I really want to try that place.’ Well I now no longer have to ask myself that question, the question I now ask is, ‘Why did I wait so long?’ Continue Reading