2018 New England Holiday Festivals

Article By New England Travel Journal

The holiday season is a magical time in New England. Streets, houses, boats, lighthouses, store fronts are lit and holiday cheer is in the air. One of the most unique things about New England are the holiday festivals, beginning after Thanksgiving (mostly) and continuing up until Christmas.

Countless numbers of towns and communities host these holiday celebrations so we wanted to share some of our favorites. We hope that you enjoy the holiday cheer at these gatherings of family and friends as much as we do!
Dates: November 2-4
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Dates: November 15-December 31
Location: Boothbay, Maine
Date: November 24
Location: Mystic, Connecticut
Date: November 25
Location: Essex, Connecticut
Dates: November 30-December 9
Location: Kennebunkport, Maine
Dates: November 30-December 2
Location: Nantucket, Massachusetts
Dates: November 30-December 2
Location: Stockbridge, Massachusetts
Dates: Entire Month
Location: Boothbay, Maine
Dates: Entire Month
Location: Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Dates: Entire Month
Location: Newport, Rhode Island
Dates: December 7-9
Location: Ogunquit, Maine
Dates: December 7-9
Location: Woodstock, Vermont
Dates: December 8-9, 2018
Location: White Mountains, New Hampshire
Do you know of any holiday festivals that we might be missing? If you do send an email to netraveljournal@gmail.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

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